About Us

Hello, and thanks for visiting Bunny's Bath website. My name is Lyn Faas, and I started Bunny's Bath in 2002 after I made handmade soap for Christmas gifts. My sister took some bars to a friend with a spa store, the store owner loved them, and things took off from there. I am a chemist by training, and after working for 25 years in the field of environmental chemistry I discovered an even more enjoyable form of chemistry in my own kitchen. My environmental protection background fit well with progressing to making natural handmade bath and body care products without synthetic chemicals. I found that it is the perfect blend of my chemistry training, my love of handcrafting, and my environmental ethics.

I have since retired from my environmental chemistry career, and I no longer make the products in my kitchen. We built a new house in 2005 with a wonderful shop area where I create all of my Bunny's Bath products. I have researched ingredients, chosen natural plant-based oils with the most exceptional skin care properties, sought the highest quality ingredients, and continually tested and refined recipes to produce the best possible products.

The philosophy for my products is to keep the formulations pure and simple. I only add ingredients that you need to gently care for your skin, and I leave out synthetic chemicals and harsh preservatives. I use plant-based oils that inherently have beneficial skin care properties and that absorb well so the products don't leave your skin feeling oily. The ingredient that I use for preserving products such as lotions and creams that contain water is called NeoDefend. It is derived from natural ingredients and accepted by ECOCERT, and it contains Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate.

I add rosemary extract to extend the shelf-life of the oils, and I recently began adding potassium sorbate for protection against yeast and molds. Potassium sorbate is a naturally occurring fatty acid that can be found in mountain laurel ash, and it is generally regarded as safe and is widely used in foods.

My goals at Bunny's Bath are quality, customer service, and continuous improvement. I never skimp on the ingredients or the service. As the Boss Bunny and Chief Chemist, I personally have developed all the product formulations, and I handcraft everything from the finest quality natural ingredients. I pride myself on outstanding customer service, and I consistently hear three themes from customers - high quality products that feel great on the skin, good value, and exceptional service. I believe you too will love Bunny's products, but if you aren't satisfied for any reason just let me know I will make it right. Period.

And if you like the products, I'd love to hear that too. Feedback from customers helps me continuously improve my products, and I love ideas about new products that customers would like to see. I'm also happy to do special orders, so if there is a product you've bought from me in the past that you don't see on the site, or something new you'd like me to try, just send me an email.

Thanks again for visiting Bunny's Bath, and I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoy making them!